Marta, great article! The 30 day challenge is a good one to challenge ourselves to do more. But, we cannot forget about being creative. This part of the writing process is often placed into a mental compartment and forgotten. This is to say that I find that many of us (as writers) are overthinking a lot of times. If it is not the internal self-talk or the external validation, we are constantly looking for the perfect topic or response. The reality is there is no perfect anything. When we look back at the greatest writers (and we all know those historical writers we studied in school), some (if not most) started writing for fun and for the sake of being creative. Plus, there was little or no thought about the grammatically correct nature of some of the writings. What I am trying to say is that we simply should just write and not worry about being perfect or the validation of others. Once we let go of this, then the writing process becomes easier and more natural, eliminating a lot of those mental blockages that many writers face.

Associate Professor. Author. Tech Enthusiast. TEDx Speaker. Former UN Delegate for WILPF-US.

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